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Q Link Wireless Customer Service Number, Corporate Headquarters HQ Office Address, Phone Number

Q Link Wireless Customer Service Numbercontact number, toll free helpline number, support number, complaints, feedback with corporate head (HQ), registered, mailing and postal office address, telephone number, fax number, email id and website.

If you are looking Q Link Wireless customer service toll free number and contact number of Q Link Wireless. So as this page we are sharing all important contact information of Q Link Wireless. If you have any queries, complaints, feedback and suggestions regarding products and services offered by Q Link Wireless, we suggest you can contact immediately to the customer service representative of Q Link Wireless by following the contact details given below.

Here you can also find customer service phone number of Q Link Wireless with ratings, reviews, coverage, plans, order status, extended service plan, SIM, offices, locations, etc.

Q Link Wireless Customer Service Number – Contact Details

The customer service support offered by Q Link Wireless for the users includes customer service toll free number, customer support email ids, branches etc. The customers having queries or if they need any support then they can take any of the contact information according the issue for which they want to contact.

Q Link Wireless Customer Service Phone Number:

  • 1-855-754-6543 (toll-free)

Q Link Wireless Customer Service Email ID:          

Q Link Wireless Corporate Headquarters HQ Office Address:

  • Address: Q Link Wireless, 499 E Sheridan St, Ste 300, Dania, Florida 33004, United States
  • Phone: +1-855-754-6543
Useful Links of Q Link Wireless:

Click here to find coverage locations

Click here to find online help and support

If you are unable to connect with the Q Link Wireless Customer Service representatives, kindly you can contact to the your local Customer Service support by following the above mentioned Q Link Wireless Customer Service, mailing and head office address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email ids and more. You can also contact to the area head office located in your region or can visit the regional Customer Service office directly, send an email, and write a letter.

Q Link Wireless Official Website:

51 comments on Q Link Wireless Customer Service Number, Corporate Headquarters HQ Office Address, Phone Number

  1. I have not received my replacement phone i paid for. Its been since april 27th i cannot get anyone on the phone this is very frustrating the number to reach me is 2677601814

  2. My phone snapped in half how do I get a replacement phone? I’ve had this phone for 2 yrs approximately! Cam u please help me!!! I see other ppls comets and no responses…we all need assistance! I tried calling customer service and I need a live person!!! I tried live chat…it said offline…what can I do? So u can help me better a number I can be reached at is 5742533449! Thank u for any assistance you can provide me!

    1. I’ve had my qlink phone going on 2years and when I flip open the phone I can’t see the screen!! I can’t text or see who’s calling or contacts, I need a new phone!! I have no income so I depend on my phone

  3. My phone snapped in half its one of the flip open keyboard phones how do I get a replacement phone? I’ve tried calling customer service and live chat…live chat is offline for some reason and customer service u can’t talk to anyone! I’m using my brothers phone to contact u!! The number is 5742533449 can you please get ahold of me I really need a phone have disability pending and my attorneys that need to be able to reach me!! Thank you for anything u can do for me it’s greatly appreciated

    1. my phone do sent work when I leave home.I can’t get anyone from q link .I am disabled and need my phone when I leave.plz help
      Sandra Novak 724-614-4143

  4. My phone somehow reset it’s ask u to register the gmail account used on the phone but it goes back to the same thing checking info I can’t get it to do anything else

  5. My phone is working but I can’t do anything cause it sleep saying unfortunately, launcher has stopped and has OK at the bottom when I press OK it still pops up and I can’t do nothing

  6. My phone is working but I can’t do anything cause it keep saying unfortunately, launcher has stopped and has OK at the bottom when I press OK it still pops up and I can’t do nothing

  7. Yea im a head of house hold n how can someone else get a phone useing the same address n get a phone n my husband couldnt get a phone cause i all ready had one so i need this taken care of cause its not right her gettin a phone n not my husband cause i all ready have one n jt needs to be shut off soon

  8. Im trying to call this number and can’t get through…my phone was stolen and cancel the phone last year of november of last year 2016 and try to order another and cant get no phone…

  9. My phone was returned to you what do I need to do the address you have is right the post woman did it was never given to her for delivery

  10. The Frist Cellphone u sent me was defected. Then i go n order anotherone n u charge me $25.00 for it i dont think that is fair because the frist one did,nt work from the start it had problems it was defected. I think i should get a refund.

  11. I have been trying for months to get QLink to stop sending me emails I sent the phone back almost as soon as I received it because I had no service in my area.




  13. This phone company is a FUCKING JOKE!!! THEY are forcing people to stay with there SHIT service. They send out broken phones to pretty much everyone. Then they try to charge you 25 dollars extra for another SHIT phone that does not work and they will not cancel your service. These guys are a FUCKING JOKE do not use them you have been warned.


  14. Hello my name is janice grant and my Qlink phone has unlimited minutes but isn’t receiving calls or make call my qlink number is 9897146843 my address is 2136 Ledyard street

  15. My problem is I cannot actually get a human being to talk to. The only number they list is nothing but a loop and you never ever get a human being. They have now attempted to mail me two phones and each time they screw up the address so it has to go all the way back to them and I have to start all over. These guys suck!

  16. Yes, I’ve been to trying to call the Corp office and they give you the same number for Corp as well as customer service. I guess you pay for what you get. I just want to speak w/a rep and discuss my issues. Calling the customer service number just keeps repeating itself, it won’t like you speak to anyone. It’s the worst service ever…

  17. Ifaxed these documents3times and mailed other documents and that keep saying they need documents they have aclick with Obama money must still be kicking back from the contract he help get this owner from mexico

  18. Hi my name is gemnie mccurdy I’m trying to change my number to new one phone number do I have to pay for it

  19. My name Karol Glazer thank you for celphone zte .
    This celphone i nead to call for emergensy.
    Today this no good .I call every places and the celp is not working.
    So i like ask you do i can go to Best Buy and buy any name celp.and yuou will actyvejt and accept and i will not pay montly ?
    If i can’t do this so i sending beck this celphone because don’t work.
    Please give me answer . Thank You KAROL

  20. You can get more help if u ask a tortoise than u can if you try to contact this company. Help and support is nonexistent. You cannot get help if u cannot reach anybody.

    1. you are so right Frank, I have been trying to stop qlink from texting me at ll hours of the night, 1:45 am 5:45 am etc, no matter what I do, writing to them it still has been going on f or months, i am going to report them

  21. My name is Glynna Howard and you say I already. have lifeline but I don’t would you please let me know who it is supposed to be with my id #41477956 thank you

  22. Its not right how qlink keep give giving people the run around I’m trying to get help by qlink keep giving me a number that you cant even talk to a live person so you can get the help people need I called qlink it keeps saying I have a phone with qlink I sent 20 emails saying discontinue the services but the recording say they sending me a phone that I didn’t sign up for please me discontinue this service

  23. Hello, El’za Watson i am inquiring as to how to become a Master Dealer or Master Agent for Q Link free federal phone program. Contact information 262-721-7903 or elzawatson48@gmail

    Thank you
    El’za Watson

  24. MY 4G phone needed a battery and other issues.. had it for 5 years..bought a new one from you…I got the phone an someone had added all these apps an memory was full and unable to call out or use Google due to adds popping’s a hot is truly an inferior phone. wouldn’t you know I CAN’T GET IN CONTACT WITH ANYONE FROM QLINK…very disappointed with the phone and your so-called support

  25. Roxanne McDougall. I received my first qlink phone and eventually quit holding a charge. So I sent 25.00 for another phone. I received the phone and this one wont hold a charge . Like the rest of the people posting on this page I try to call and do not get a person to talk to either. This company has a bad rep from what I see from all the posts on this page.

  26. I have been trying to get ahold of a real person from tech support to call me. 6602630040. The customer service number is just a recording and does not give you an option for tech support or to talk to a real person. I was able in the past to talk to a live person; but now I am not. I would like to have someone call me instead of sending emails stating that they will get back with me in 3 to 5 days. No one gets back to me at all? Very poor way of taking care of people who depend on this service. I need to talk with someone. Issue is my phone not working.

  27. this company is all fuck up cant get nowhere with them ithink about running over my and mail to them tell to stick up there ass

  28. I need to apply for a replacement phone my grand baby threw it in toilet now it won’t do anything at all

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