Facebook Corporate Headquarters HQ Address, Phone Number, Email

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How to contact Facebook Corporate Headquarters Team

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Contact Facebook Headquarters by Phone and Email:

Facebook Inc Corporate Office Address:

1 Hacker Way,

Menlo Park, California 94025, United States

Facebook Inc Corporate Office Number: +1-650-308-7300

Facebook Inc Corporate Office Fax Number: NA

Facebook Inc Corporate Office Email: info@facebook.com

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Website: www.facebook.com

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  1. facebook number 1 855 770 7790. this number works for usa only for other countries you may contact them through skype which is 1 855 770 7790

    1. 1.-jasmine. Merriweather. university of Alabama-student-athletes.-1-205-348-6010.
      2.-maria. mccloud.-2.jpg.
      3.-stephanie. Merriweather.-st. louis. mo. stephanie. Merriweather.-1-314-371-0304.
      4.-debbie Merriweather live in Lancaster. California. from quartz hill. California. Debbie. Merriweather live in Lancaster. California. Debbie. Merriweather.-1-661-726-5400.
      5.-bruce.mccloud.-age.49. and bruce. mccloud.-age.50. I live in Torrance. California. 90503. social vocational services. inc. bruce. mccloud.-1-310-413-1629.-jpg.

    2. Facebook has blocked me, new codes, emails several times, block block, let’s me in and block. I need facebook to just cancel my facebook please . Is this facebook or a game? Why do you let me in and then block me out. After all the mess all I wanted to do today is close or deactivate my facebook once and for all. My wife thinks she should do the same. Maybe my system has been hacked???

      1. As it has proved less arable or fruit to attempt to log in to FACEBOOK, just get told I am not me, or my answers are wrong. As it looks like I may never get into FACEBOOK after all. Considering my information is now on FACEBOOK, well is facebook secure or now that I am off my own account can so wine take my name and say they are me?? If not well keep thy FACEBOOK at your leisure ,and I shall go on.

  2. I want to back my page how to now i delete but I want to delete picture not my page .restore page morning glory art brain pls

  3. Sandra John claim agent facebook HQ told me that I m winner of promotion programme , amount is one hundred thousands USA dollars. she shown me my winning certificate, FedEx courier package. own Facebook I’D. she wants pay 200 us dollars courier service charge to this address, MELODY GILBERT STATE ARKANSAS CITY CROSSETT CODE 71635. it is true or not ?

  4. Do you know people are telling people that you are giving away 100,000 dollars to winners. But you have to send 250.00 dollars for them to send your winnings to you

    1. They are now contacting me constantly telling me I’ve won 500,000 for the same $250.can’t find out anything. They have even left phone numbers and photos of people receiving Facebook checks

      1. Eddie, I am going through the same thing. It is very stressful. Can you tell me if you have resolved this issue. I’m sorry to bother you but I can’t find any answers.
        Thank you for your time. I will understand if I don’t hear back from you.
        Vic McMillan

  5. Me llego un correo de facebook cosporation office que me he ganado la cantidad de $150,000 me dan claves de cuenta de un banco, esto es real o solo es una burla hacia la gente de escasos recursos, el correo llego el 4/04/2016 soy de honduras

  6. My Facebook page was disabled by mistake. There was a question of my identity, which I submitted a copy of my ID/ disability and still no response! I tried looking for corporate numbers or any contact number to find no help. I’d like my page and all info restored with a better security protocol in place of mistaken identity. I’m sure email addresses and passwords can be useful!!! Someone please help me!!!

  7. I’ve just had a message from David Lee Meiers on facebook to tell me i’m a winner of 20 facebook lottery taking place on 11th december 2016. Is that true? Please e-mail me.

    1. Please i want to open facebook but i don’t know if it’ll be block i am real person i have my votes-card everything is real please reply to me on my email if i should open it,

  8. I want to know why Facebook a lows film clips of a horse being mutilated by a bull or is it because people at Facebook likes to see an animal suffer as it is slowly being mutilated. That is what I saw yesterday –graphic mutilation of a horse before it died. Children do not need to see such cruelty. It’s no wonder our children turn out the way they do.

  9. Hi there temas,

    I really need your help to this facebook Arok Garang in (Kenya) +254713177794, I need voice record for this account from 16/02/2016 until 24/02/2016. It will be much appreciate it if you can assist!

  10. I don’t like Facebook, I don’t want anyone viewing my name and photos…. Where I live I have prowlers that I don’t know, but know me, who tend to aggregate me at my home

  11. Facebook is horrible people r mentally torturing me
    Its pathetic
    Anyone can force anyone on fb for anythg
    Its dirty
    No control on what people r writing about each other
    Fb should be banned

  12. Hallo! Sir my facebook account has blocked,my facebook ID is not login,please chek my facebook ID and done my facebook ID.
    My name-Shivkant sharma
    Mobile no.-9956954558 when chek my facebook ID please give me a massage on 9956954558
    Thank you

    1. Send me ur email address and its pasword or send me ur number if you added with fb account and connect with me +923004356143

  13. Hi I’m Eva Zwane and I’m struggling to delete all of my previous Facebook accounts because I want to be left with the current one i have been trying but i have failed please can you delete them automatically and leave me with the one I’m using right now if possible i hate it when people are searching me and they see my previous history on my previous accounts coz i think i have about three or four previous accounts if I’m not mistaken please help

  14. Facebook needs to be more selective on what is allowed to be posted. Pornography is over stepping the boundaries . Shame on Facebook!!!!

    1. Masud my account was recently blocked by facebook. Did you get your account unblocked and giw long did it take.

  15. My fb was hack because people trying to scam people so fb ask for a copy of my ID fb do not have any numbers that you can contact they will email you with in 24-48 hours after getting your paper your Glad I can help

  16. lately I have noticed that shared links that show some of the absurdity of Trump and his antics , although posted to my timeline , never make it to the “main page”. Does Facebook now have a pro-Trump stance? If true, it’s pretty sad…

  17. This man told my mother her is mark Z and had her send him 500.00 he said she won 500k he got our cell number i told him. Im reporting him he said hes mark and is bulling us to send money i have tex mrsages and pics he sent a paper woth my name on it with bank of america. SOMEONE FROM HEADQUATERS NEEDS TO CALL ME THIS HAS BEEN ON. ABOUT9MTHS IV REPORTED THIS SEVERAL TIME.IF I DONT GET A CALL IM GOING TO MEDIA

  18. My number id 5612226487 mark Z needs to help catch these people .they have put me in such panic when i get friend request and panic they have hacked my teacher and acts like its her your talking to im begging u to contact me they have our address and im scared if i dont get hellp from f.b. il have no choice but * to get sn atty to help me

  19. I have also been getting friend request from people claiming to be Facebook board members.
    It sounds like a scam to me so I’ve been deleting friend request from Facebook headquarters.
    Just wanted to let you know.
    Every day I get at least one request.

    JO Gatti

  20. My Acc. has been ‘temporarily locked’ , please advise on how to unlock it.

    The security verification system is not working.

    Username: Munashe Mudede , residing in South Africa – contact no. +27 (0) 76 262 2516

    Please advise urgently.

    Thank you.
    Munashe Mudede

  21. hello i am Annette west and my email address you can use is annettewest1785@Gmail.com i have been trying for over a year now to get nambers and it will not let me add anyone can you please help me on this for the game farmville2 my number is 425-268-4911

  22. Who is patrick widen and thomas smith and steve brosious they are saying i won 600k said i won the fb lotto untill i hear from fb hq im not sending

  23. I forgot my facebook password and also Facebook email password if I open log in page I click forgot password the verification code is sent in my email but also I can’t remember my email password plsss so help me hw to access my account

  24. hi i am akash.come from bangladesh. i am facebook user i have a facebook id but i forgotten my facebook password and email password so what can i do for this?please give me some solution please please.this id id very important for me.

  25. Please help my account was blocked / disabled. Can you please help me 72 hours have passed and still no feedback.

  26. My account was disabled suddenly, yesterday. Something about false name using or? been a FB user for YEARS with the same name and face..All the FB help pages want me to log in to ask questions.I CAN”T, my account is disabled! They have an appeal form which asks for ID,,I sent CDL, Mail, and medical card, they say it’s not me..I could clear this up with a 2 minute phone call, but FB won’t provide a real person for support. One of my groups is a an animal rescue , rehoming, advice etc..Took me a couple years to gather 600 loyal great people. I can’t access and will probably be destroyed. FB, you need customer support, this is disgusting to treat users like this.

  27. My account was restored…I have no idea why it was disabled…after multiple attempts appealing and send various IDs it was restored.

    1. I am up set . I am in the same boat . I did nothing wrong and my facebook page was disabled . I did nothing wrong and I am grown adult and I don’t know why this happened.

      I am sick Sept 11,2001 first responder and I disgusted how this happens and you cant call or speak to someone

      1. We have the same problöem here in Sweden and as a politician we are now having a serious discussion of to close down facebook in Scandianvia. We doesnt need to have this great Node in Northern of our country. Now we will shut it down because of unserious matters. No one is answering the swedish journalists and us in the Goverment of our country. Now we doesnt need facebook they need us. Why ? Necause we (Sweden) is the frontier to Russia and therefore USA need us and not the other way around.

        So tomorrow we are taking the first steps to shut it down by law in Sweden.

  28. I believe that someone has said or post something on my Facebook page and and I have loss friend I also believe that the person is someone I know I asking for you to check into it the person I believe that was messing around with my account is and she goes be 3 names Ashley Jennings,or last White and Guido she’s using Flint Michigan she has a daughter and son Kiley White and Cable White Ashley was came out in told me that I friends of hers got into my account and saw that her son to ex contact me and Ashley threatened me that she would get even and that I would pay dearly on my life and I have done nothing to deserve it and this person at one time was living in my because she would be homeless with 2 kids and a husband and I was taken advantage of financially they stole things I have a disability and these people took advantage of me can you please check my account I can not go through what they put me through again thank you

  29. If Facebook Marketplace is part of Facebook, then I have a large complaint. I put out $5300 dollars to them on a truck and was told it would arrive Saturday 8/5 with a partial refund of $3200 but it never showed. I attempted several times to contact them using the same numbers as i have used and i get “this number is no longer connected or se in use. I am retired and on social security as my only income and will be hurt if this order #7957253553 is not completed as i was told. The only reason i even when as far as i did was because of the Facebook Name. Please contact me at 210-241-3866 anytime for further info as i have a lot. Thank You Robert Malin

  30. I have been going through cyber bullying harassment teasing name calling and threat. I reported to facebook so many times and still nothing has been done I have screen shots not only by me but by members in that group I also received a message request from someone claiming to be admin for that group but don’t have account I have members who are still in the group and some of them removed themselves is willing to testify on my behalf. Face book needs to take this serious and investigate before they pick on the wrong victim and that victim might end of killing themselves. I will not allow cyber bullying because it is serious.

  31. sir meri Shivam raja and 9076765996
    login nhi ho rahi ki me Shivam nhi hu.
    password reset kiya to bhi login nhi hui.

  32. I want to know why my account got deleted out of the blue. Now I can’t access my wish account cause it was logged in with your facebook. You can’t just cut people off like that with so much linked to it now I have an $1100 order on wish I can’t watch. I live 3 hours from NY and a hour from DC which office do I need to come in and have a talk cause I promise you I will come see you try me if you think I won’t. Trust me you won’t want to meet me

  33. Dear fb team. My name is Amar Deep Rathore. My mobile number is 9918172254. I forget my password. My facebook account is disabled. I don’t know about it. If I made any mistake then I say sorry. Plz recover my facebook account. It is necessary for me. My all personal details in it. My DOB is 05/07/1989. I live in shahjahanpur disst in state uttar Pradesh in country India. Plz help me and recover my facebook account. Thanks all

  34. Its really a shame how facebook can disable a facebook account when they have done nothing to have it disable.but can allow people who have pic of there self on there that look fake and they don’t even attempt to clear them off facebook but yet wanna mess with some ones account wanting photo I’d to verify your self….facebook is a joke I mean pure out joke they do right the opsite of what they say….it’s pitiful

  35. Hi mark i create 1st fb a/c but is locked id = salmankhanprofesstional1992@gmail.com
    I create 2nd fb a/c it also locked
    I am very disturb @ sad with your service your service is very bad dont mind but i am new user plz Immediate active my a/c mark Zuckerberg my mo. No. 9783012013
    I try & send feedback in last 5 days 7 times but not response

    1. Hi mark i create 1st fb a/c but is locked id = salmankhanprofesstional1992@gmail.com
      I create 2nd fb a/c it also locked
      I am very disturb @ sad with your service your service is very bad dont mind but i am new user plz Immediate active my a/c mark Zuckerberg my mo. No. 9783012013
      I try & send feedback in last 5 days 7 times but not response

  36. Mark why is it you keep blocking me from accessing my fb accounts? Ive providing all the necessary information you’ve asked for.Ive even made a new account so I could get on but you blocked that one also…please let me know what I have to do to remedy this.Thanks,Robert

  37. Yes I done contacted coporate on the Pornographic videos and pics that need removed on Facebook along with the sex offenders in some states there has been a ban too allow them in there and the age needs changed too 18 instead of 13 videos of child abuse need removed also there too disturbing and need took off.And who ever is behind the reporting and not taking the stuff off is going to land the owner a lawsuit serious over that better get that stuff off of there if your making it into an adult site that is fine but kids are on there and change it from 13 to 18 instead.

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