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Ebay Corporate Headquarters Address, Phone Number, Email– toll free helpline number, and with reviews and all other important information is available here. If you like online shopping and always do, but some time you face several types of problem with them in purchasing, deliviring, returing, making a payment, etc. In case you want to contact with the corporate office department of Ebay for your queries and complaints.

So, as this post we are here to provide you information about Ebay. Ebay head office team also helps you to findout nearest ebay online store in your area. Here, we are providing all important information like how to contact Ebay corporate main office department, how to get Ebay customer support, etc. We are here providing information something through this post and something through external links. You can find here Ebay corporate phone number and contact details, Ebay corporate office Email, Ebay corporate head office helpline number, etc.

How to contact Ebay Corporate Headquarters Team

The head office team is avaialble to help you all time, you can get customer support through several ways including visit at office, phone number, email, live chat, as well as FAQ section. You can use any one option for your any type of query, complaint and feedback.

Contact Ebay Headquarters by Phone and Email:

Ebay Corporate Office Address: 2065 Hamilton Avenue, San Jose, California 95125, United States

Ebay Corporate Office Number: +1-800-322-9266 or +1-408-376-7400

Other Ebay Department Emails:

press@ebay.com, for Media and Press Contacts

prclassifieds@ebay.com, for Classifieds

To Contact and Know all About Ebay Other Departments:

Media and Press Contacts

Careers Contacts

Investor Relations Contacts

About Ebay, Inc.

Ebay, Inc. is renowned as an e-commerce company based in the United States, but spread with subsidiry companies in many major countries with a lot of products category ranging from home products, office products, health and beauty products to fashion, entertainment and IT products. Ebay, Inc. has been present in this business for over two decades and in this small time it has made a well and reliable reputation among of the millions of customers across the world. To know more about it you can check below mentioned important links.

Important Links of Ebay:

About Ebay 

Ebay Rules and Policies

Website: www.ebayinc.com

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  1. Dear sir
    I would like to start a new business with eBay.Regarding of new vendor for warehouse, dealer,distribution and deliver to our customers on time. Locations and details below
    Mob—- 9962164604
    Name. Prabakaran

  2. claim ID 1770173

    ebay walo tum saloo sahi chor ho .mera paisa kha liya tuma 14700 amount ka ab sala greviance cell wala apni aama chudwa raha hain .koi feed back nahi hai salon ko .this is the top fraud ecommerce website on india.

    kucch maat lo bhaiyo inse haram khor hai sala

  3. A scam artist left feedback on my account over 2 years ago and you’ve since closed his account. He called me a lowlife in his feedback. He also called numerous other sellers (reputed) lowlifes and claimed they shipped him damaged merchandise. I feel it would be fair to remove his feedback. I tried contacting your customer support in the Philippines several times, to no avail. It’s just lip service. You guys let scam artists or those who just know the loopholes to run roughshod over small time sellers like me. After years of giving you a cut of the sell, I’m extremely frustrated you refuse to do me one simple favor and remove that feedback. Why?

    1. I sold a suit to a buyer the buy received the suit. She asked to return the suit although I have a no return policy.I tried to respond to ebay at site after I received email. I made a mistake and before I finalized I immediately call ebay with in minutes to inform them of mistake. A representative told me that she see what I was trying to do and she would take care of it. She than told me to email buyer and inform her that I did not take refund and there is nothing wrong with suit as pictures would show. Representative than told me ebay would make a decision by fridav May27 2016. Only to find out that ebay lied and used the mistake to give buyer a refund.I have been on ebay for 15 years with over 2400 feedbacks and I see ebay do not care about there loyal members who has all ways followed policy rules as you you can tell from my history. and if ebay do not want me as a member I can take care of that
      Disable Viet- Nam Veteran


  4. i sold a blouse on ebay few days back,i took videos and pictures before shipping the item to the buyer
    i spoke with 2 representative and 2 super visors regarding this matter
    no body helped,they all agreed that the pictures the buyer provided were not the same as material used in my fabric.
    the buyer opend a case on the 28th i was on my computer at the same time,it didnt even take ebay 10-15 min to close the case in the favor for the buyerwithout saying the proof i had sent them,how shame full is this
    what time of work are the people at ebay are doing to scam sellers on ebay
    the workers are trying to get there work donewithout saying what they doing is incorrect
    the supervisor kept on saying we have to follow process,where did they follow process,without readn the conversation between me and the buyer and the proofs they had in hand,all a lie
    i woul tell people don`t do business on ebay,its all a scam

  5. I have tried to tell people in Resolution center their information on my account pertaining to resolution history is incorrect. When I pull up the resolution center on my computer it states there is no cases active yet I have a very active case and just talked to someone who had to search while I stayed on phone for about 3 minutes to find anything to verify I did have active case.

    I initiated the action on May 25th and yet today they are telling me to contact seller again or the USPS to take action but without any evidence that Ebay has made a decision on the case MY issue like the person comment on May 1st 2016

  6. Sir
    A few years ago, I already be a custemer in your store. Today , I want to buy a
    electric scooter the price is $1734 the price is include tax or not ??
    I use E-mail to everywhere is good but only in your store “the pastword not mach
    (no good in ue) It’s really a funny thing ?
    Also, I forget my user name and lost my credit card Could you gave it to me ?
    The scooter is free shipping ?

  7. I have spoken with a manager, I have spoken with a supervisor, and I have spoken with a regular teammate about this whole issue. I spent 5 hours today trying to see who eitamtzuq1986 is. Apprently it is my cousins boyfriend. I spoke with eBay on the phone for 1 hour and a half and suddenly got hung up on. It’s really ridiculous what customer service is received. I asked to speak to someone higher and got the phone hung up on my face.
    There is really nothing wrong I’ve done regarding this issue. I am 100% not associated with eitamtzuq.
    I used my father’s return shipping because I lived in a rental place which I couldn’t receive any mail to. My father adress is etrog 22A. Right next door to him lives his brother David abergel which also has a daughter named dalit abergel like my name. His address is etrog 22 right next door to my father.
    When registered on eBay I used email dalittzuq19@gmail.com which was my old name while I was married. About half year ago I got divorced and changed back last name to abergel but left the old email address as I didn’t even have in mind that it could somehow hurt my account.
    I have 2 little kids who just raise alone now and I relied on ebays earnings. Couple of months ago I quit my job in order to get in stronger on eBay as just saw that my sales are doing great.
    Today I received the mail that completely changed my life 360° ??
    I really did nothing wrong!!
    I can proof anything you need in order to get my limits back.
    I’ve been told by ebays manager that I have to contact eitamtzuq and have call ebay to fix this issue out and if he can get his account fixed or something like that then I can get my limits back.
    This just sounds ridiculous. Why do I have to go through all of this when just did absolutely nothing!!?
    I asked to speak to ebays vice president or eBay president himself to help me out with this whole matter.
    I am really not going to give up on this matter.
    This is the only job I rely on
    I Want my selling limits back please
    I Also want to speak with someone higher than the manager that spoke to me and hung up on my face.
    I am experiencing a bad customer service and I want to receive the best service a person needs to receive.
    I am hoping to receive back an email that would bring back a big smile to my face

  8. I have been a customer of ebay for about 9 yrs I have spent thousands of dollars. But after today’s experience I will be contacting the fair trade corp. I won a bid item and never received it. I was told that my money I was told my refund will be granted today by customer service clerks.

    When I called about it today they tell me that the sell has 3 more days.
    I have tried to communicate with the seller several times and he will not respond. They have tried still no response..

    Ebay claims to have customer satisfaction guarantee. Well I am an unsatisfied customer plus I have waited over a month for my order why do I need to wait any longer for my refund. The seller never shipped it. Because the customer service clerks he marked it shipped be he never shipped it…

    Ebay is a big lair who doesn’t value his customers.

  9. I have recd. a parcel from ebay through Aramex courier service at Solapur. It was lacking, as there was no mobile handset in the box packing. Whenever i recd, soon i opened it in front of the delivery boy.
    In this regard, i had been in contact with ebay, i claimed & registered to ebay guarantee claim. After 2 & half months have passed, now ebay team had said your claim is denied, cancelled though i provided the required documents.
    PaisaPay ID: 42101147513
    Item number: 201527998629

  10. I subscribed to Basic ebay store last May 2016. I have already paid for the two months of my subscription. However up to now ebay only allows me to sell a maximum of 50 items. I understand a basic ebay store allows seller to list up to 250 items per month. and yet up to now I am only allowed 50 items.

    What am I to do? I can’t seem to get in touch with ebay.

  11. I bought 2003 jeep wrangler sport from Lucille Flores never I need my money back I pay ebay 1,600.00 for the 2003 jeep wrangler sport. I have all four recipes and cards I put 1,600.00 on give to ebay. But the number they give me for ebay wrong number it was 18002923078 I can’t never get anyone they hang up on me.

  12. Ebay is just a company that cares about its profits. It has no customer service like many reputable companies. Speaking to someone 7000 miles away doesn’t constitute service. There is no corporate phone number because they know they would be inundated with calls about their poor service practices. There is no e mail address to their corporate office either. If someone buys something & doesn’t want to pay, they should be barred from using this service permanently. Try buying something at a real auction & not paying, they have your ID number (license). Their contacts in their website don’t give any options that one needs to call. That’s how they prevent you from calling. Can you just see an option that say’s I’m pissed off, or I’ll give you advice on how to have better customer relations, yeah right!

  13. I would like to order climbing tree spike from your company.could you please advise me as i am staying in Malaysia. If you have a customer service branch in Malaysia please give me the address and contact number.

    Your reply is highly appreciated.

  14. Please bring your business back to the United States. While employing Manila CSRs is more cost effective, you’re paying for it in other ways that is detrimental to your business. Have your management/workforce team done research on the metrics in Manila? The extensive hold times, how many dropped calls you have and also, how many repeat callers. You have many unsatisfied customers. I am an Asian American and I am happy to see that you are giving the Philippines a way to make a living, but they are not good with Customer Service for the US. I’ve been on both ends of this, working for an organization where we outsourced part of our contact center to Manila and now as a customer. Both experiences have not been good.

  15. I POSTED MY bROTHERS Printer on Ebay sell but I Have yet to see my posting on my e-mail address or have I received any feedback as to whether or not the item has been getting any auctions bids.I think but not for certain that I started the lowest bid at $ 48.00 plus shipping and handling fees not included,is there any information as to the where abouts of my Printer for auction or sell.It has been over a Month ago,may I repost the Brothers Printer.

  16. I have purchased Apple MacBook Air 13.3-Inch Laptop (Intel Core i5 1.6GHz, 128GB Flash, 8 RAM via transaction item: #152647133344 but once I make the full bill RM2800.00 the item has been removed and after that I can not contact the ebay management and seller any emails I send to ask that transaction has been blocked.

    I hope the management of ebay and the seller Putryusu0 contact me immediately!

  17. Dear sir,
    AS per your ph call i have return the set to concern address .. please find out where it reached or not,,
    till now i have not received new piece HERE I SENDING LR COPY OF PROFESSIONAL COURIER LR NO PRO5997303
    thank you
    syam kalyan

    i have sent to below addressANURAG JAIN

    A-13, Sector 2 Vaishali, GHAZIABAD, U.P-201010, INDIA.
    PH: 0120-6459777
    E- mail: anu9976@yahoo.com.au
    SKYPE: anu9976MSN: anu9976@live.com

  18. Dear sir,
    AS per your ph call i have return the set to concern address .. its already passed more than one month . but their is no response from concern person.

    till now i have not received new piece HERE I SENDING LR COPY OF PROFESSIONAL COURIER LR NO PRO5997303
    thank you
    syam kalyan

    i have sent to below addressANURAG JAIN

    A-13, Sector 2 Vaishali, GHAZIABAD, U.P-201010, INDIA.
    PH: 0120-6459777
    E- mail: anu9976@yahoo.com.au
    SKYPE: anu9976MSN: anu9976@live.com

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