Walmart Family Mobile Customer Service Number, Corporate Headquarters HQ Office Address, Phone Number

Walmart Family Mobile Customer Service Numbercontact number, toll free helpline number, support number, complaints, feedback with corporate head (HQ), registered, mailing and postal office address, telephone number, fax number, email id and website.

If you are looking Walmart Family Mobile customer service toll free number and contact number of Walmart Family Mobile. So as this page we are sharing all important contact information of Walmart Family Mobile. If you have any queries, complaints, feedback and suggestions regarding products and services offered by Walmart Family Mobile, we suggest you can contact immediately to the customer service representative of Walmart Family Mobile by following the contact details given below.

Here you can also find customer service phone number of Walmart Family Mobile with ratings, reviews, coverage, plans, order status, extended service plan, SIM, offices, locations, etc.

Walmart Family Mobile Customer Service Number – Contact Details

The customer service support offered by Walmart Family Mobile for the users includes customer service toll free number, customer support email ids, branches etc. The customers having queries or if they need any support then they can take any of the contact information according the issue for which they want to contact.

Walmart Family Mobile Customer Service Phone Number:

  • 1-877-440-9758 (4:00 am to 10:00 pm Pacific Time)
  • dial 611 from your Family Mobile phone
  • 1-877-428-9020 TTY toll free (6:00 am to 9:00 pm Pacific Time)
  • Account balance: type #BAL#
  • Minutes used in the current billing cycle: type #MIN#
  • Messages used in the current billing cycle: type #MSG#
  • Amount available in your WebPak: type #999#
  • To get your Family Mobile phone number: type #686#

Walmart Family Mobile Customer Service Email ID: Click here                     

Walmart Family Mobile Corporate Headquarters HQ Office Address:

  • Address: Family Mobile Customer Relations, P.O. Box 3220, Albuquerque, NM 87190, United States
  • Phone:+1-877-440-9758
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Click here to find coverage locations

Click here to find online help and support

If you are unable to connect with the Walmart Family Mobile Customer Service representatives, kindly you can contact to the your local Customer Service support by following the above mentioned Walmart Family Mobile Customer Service, mailing and head office address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email ids and more. You can also contact to the area head office located in your region or can visit the regional Customer Service office directly, send an email, and write a letter.

Walmart Family Mobile Official Website:

Comments (2)

  1. Not only is your website unhelpful and have misleading information, your customer line service DOES NOT HELP CUSTOMERS. HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO HELP SOMEONE WHEN THERE IS NO ACTUAL OPTION TO SPEAK TO A REPRESENTATIVE?! Not only is this the first time this has happened, this is the fifth time, FIFTH TIME that this has happened and each time there has never been an improvement in your customer service. The only reason my mother uses this plan is because its cheap. Now I know why, obviously, you don’t pay people to help your customers instead, you put the money into your pockets. IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND YOUR SERVICE LINES. THIS IS JUST RIDICULOUS THAT YOUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS EVERY TIME THEY NEED HELP. Not only do you rip off your employees by not paying them enough money, you rip off your customers too. IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. It really isn’t that hard. Instead of thinking of ways on how to get more money into your pockets without your employees and the government knowing, instead of thinking of ways on how to pay your employees less and overload them with work so you can have more money in your accounts, how about you learn to fix your customer service.

  2. Chette

    So I bought a Galaxy phone from walmart and a sim chip paackage whihc cost me 22 bucks with tax. I get home put the sim in the phone can’t get a signal to activate. I go online create a account and I get the phone activated then it ask me to pick a plan. then charged me. I thought for the plan I just chose. I always like prepaid.

    However never could get a signal at the house. Called about that and the said no signal in my area. Once in a while I would get a signal in the city but barely 2 bars. Told the agent to end service but it never got done.

    So I bought two more months because the plan said I could use another chip if I did I paid for three months worth of service in addition to the first month to get through the 3 month period so I could change sims. Lost the phone during our move when we relocated it under the seat in my car in sept. I have two months worth of bills.

    Now their calling and sim service records should show that I hardly ever used and was out of range for a majority of the time I had the phone. Hardly ever used it and still being charged for it.

    Talk to an agent again and basically got told sorry you need to pay us for the service even though you never used it.


    Poor customer service, poor quality phone service in Central Virginia even though they were selling these phones in areas they knew did not receive signals.

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