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Verizon Wireless Corporate Headquarters HQ Address, Phone Number, Email– toll free helpline number, and with reviews and all other important information is available here. If you like telecommunication services like mobile telephony, wireless internet services, etc. and always enjoy, but some time you face probem during access. So, you search customer support department for queries and complaints.

So, for this purpose we are here to tell you how you can get customer support for your wireless queries. Verizon head office team also helps you to find out nearest Verizon Wireless service providers in the United States. Here, we are providing all important information like how to contact Verizon wireless corporate main office department, how to get Verizon wireless corporate customer support, etc. You can find here Verizon wireless corporate phone number and contact details, Verizon wireless corporate office Email, Verizon wireless corporate head office helpline number, etc. We are here providing information something through this post and something through external links.

How to contact Verizon Wireless Corporate Headquarters Team

The head office team is avaialble to help you every time, you can get customer support through several ways including visit at office, phone number, email, live chat, as well as FAQ section. You can use any one option for your any type of query, complaint and feedback.

Contact Verizon Wireless Headquarters by Phone and Email:

Verizon Corporate Office Address:

1 Verizon Way, Basking Ridge,

New Jersey 07920, United States

Verizon Corporate Office Number: +1-908-559-5490

About Verizon:

Verizon Wireless is the subsidiray company of Verzion Communications Inc that was started in 2002. It is headquartered in New Jersey, operating over 2330 locations. Verizon Wireless has more than 133.5 million fully satisfied subscribers, using services for years. What Provides Verzion Wireless: The company in the telecom industry offers services like mobile telephony, wireless internet, as well as cell phones and plans, etc. To know all about Verzion, you can check below mentioned important links.

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  1. What’s the use, you are always told different stories, lied to, and poor communication. Poor service, just plain awful after thousands of dollars spent on service on service.


    1. Marietta Palmer Jones
      Same thing happen to me. I ran in one Christmas Eve and purchased 2 tablets for grandkids. Fist I was not told that opened up a new contact. The baby dropped and stepped on his tablet and the older kid’s was stolen. I called and I am still being charged for them. On top of that I cracked my phone went to get a new phone(same number) but that is a different oontract. Who would have thought? Someone stole my phone at work, replaced it –different contact. I have 6 numbers on a phone contract when only using 2. Phone and Router. There is an extra tablet on the bill. I have the receipts but they will not remove it. I have been a customer for years and cannot get anyone that can figure out my account.

  3. I need someone from the Corporate office to contact me. We have been customers for several years and now we are ready to end our contract.

  4. I just wanted to let someone (anyone) that the end of the week I will be cancelling my account. I have been a loyal customer for the past 11 years and due to the treatment I received recently over my so called “dropped calls” I wish to ” fire you”. The problem was identified by your staff and tech support as being the towers are to far and also being a 3g tower, my phone is a 4g phone and has difficulty connecting. I was instructed to get and network extenders at a cost of $250.00. That was unacceptable, and your staff offered to let me have it for $99.00. Again, unacceptable. Why should I have to pay more for a service that I should already have. So, in short, I’m choosing to leave over $99.00. I realize that I’m one person and don’t effect your company very much and I also realize that this letter will more than likely be ignored. I really would like to hear back from you, but my gut tells me I won’t, prove me wrong.

    1. I too have experienced this over the last two n half years told the same thing. But they have No problem wanting their money for their bill whib is outrageous and the service or I should say lack if service. Instead of wiping out my bill or crediting me for the lack of use. They gave me a small credit then increased my data WHICH Is stupid since WE HAVE NO SERVICE I’m so sick of the price for the lack of service. Will be switching to a pay as go phone that gets better service.

  5. I am now retired and at one time had been an employee with C&P in hunt Valley,Md trying to verify if I had benefits toward retirement. I have been trying to make contact with someone why might answer some questions or direct me who to contact

  6. Inexcusable lying uncoordinated pieces of crap wasted 10 hours of my weekend. Look at my account and call me.

  7. Your computer system will not allow multiple changes on my account in the same transaction. This results in extra charges and is VERY frustrating and not customer friendly. You need to fix this or you will loose a long time customer…..this is a deal breaker! I needed to remove three devises, lower my data level and cancel Family Base. I was charged again for the higher data level and Family Base this month and one line that I wanted to remove…extra $85.

  8. I just got hung up on while waiting for over 45 minutes on hold. I have two tablets and a gizmo that I was told not under contract any longer. But realized today that I supposedly am. My gizmo and wifi sub account was told was not under contract but month to month. Got lied to about that. Was told I would be getting credit but never did. Have tried calling them but never got calls returned to us. Was told my bottom line charges to end service were 800.00 and now I received two bills in today’s mail. One for 2017.00 the other for 300.00. Um yup not going to happen. We have been customers with Verizon for over 6 years. And we have never been late except due to the company issues with billing which we took care of. No thanks from them. I will pay the 800.00 what I was told but ire fuse to at a penny more. Get your stories straight. I am done.

  9. Verizon canceled my equal payment plan. Said I put wrong info in. I did not put any info in. The store manager did I now I can’t pay by my bank account. Now customer service says they don’t have that plan. It cost me
    $ 200 plus to get my phone back on and now I’m on a mush higher plan. I want my money back

  10. We decided to change to Verizon from Tmobile for travelling in our rv. We were lied to from rep then from manager. Told we would get free Galaxy Tab 8 `s if we got G 6`s. We didn’t believe it. But he assured he understood our budget
    Then he put in all the info. Took 4 hours then 4 hours then two hours out of our time. Three days to find out we had to pay 10$ X 2 ON OUR BILL. THEN WE FIND OUT WE have to pay 11$ both pads for insurance and can’t cancel. Our bill is confusing they said we would have service fees waived and the free stuff was on 200$ trade in gift card. Everything we needed ( bill in our budget) we didn’t get. Service rep and manager said they would credit our bill one time 236$ credit to help pay for over charges. Tmobile bill was 173$ a month. Now we are supposed to be paying no more than 195$ a month we added 20$ for extra data. Our first bill was 360 Ish then another 340$ lies lies lies.

  11. I have been with Verizon for 5+ years..have allowed them to replace my phone due to defects in the phone 3 times… now I want them to replace with something different as I am tired of going through the whole replacement issue…I am willing to give back this piece of crap but yet I keep getting bull shit answers….I guess Verizon no longer cares about customer service…well if I don’t get a call come Monday afternoon they won’t have to worry about it cause I don’t be with veriOn come the evening

  12. Re: 4401 S Tamarac Street Pky, Denver, CO

    Your firm owns a property at the address above. The site is 11,111 square feet and includes a 1,680 square foot former office building. The building is not used and the property is currently tax exempt. I have a client interested in purchasing the building along with a small portion of the site. Is there any interest in selling this portion of the property?

  13. With regards to possible YAHOO purchase.

    YAhoo has just destroyed one of the most valuable pages – the Financial – with a massive universally hated update. There have been thousands of complaints and people are leaving Yahoo in droves because of it. They even had to make a video as to why the new Finance page is so good. If it is so good it shouldn’t need a “lipstick on a pig” video to explain it.

    Due your due diligence on this before you buy. Visits and clicks will plummet.

  14. I switched from sprint to Verizon and it was the worst decision I’ve made this year, so I warn you DO SWITCH TO VERIZON they do tell the truth when you sign up!
    The Cumming Ga store to be exact

    1. Verizon Complaint—-I tried to cancel my account with them after bad service and information with them. Told them I no longer want their service. Asked for how much I owed them, total amount because I did not want to get anymore bills. Was told I owed $102. Paid it at the store. Told them I no longer wanted Verizon services and to turn the phone off. Told them every time I come into their store I get told different information. Told I am paid up and then get further and further behind. Told them to end my service that day. Was not told by the customer service person at the store that they could not turn the service off at the store that I had to call somewhere else to get it turned off. I left the store thinking I had stopped service and paid off what I owed them and did not want anything to do with Verizon anymore. I started getting phone calls from Verizon and I thought it was them calling me to get me back to Verizon. DID NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH THEM ANYMORE s ignored the calls. The calls would come mostly when I was at work. I answered the call just to tell them to stop and it wasn’t what I thought it was it was telling me that I owed over $200 for Verizon phone service where I had not paid my bill. When I explained to the customer service person that I had discontinued my service at Verizon and had paid the bill off in full back in July, was told my phone was not disconnected and I owed over $200 for phone service. Stated to the person several times what the problems was and they apologized and stated I should have been told at the store to call Verizon and given a number to call them to end service. I was told I would still have to pay the bill. Stated it was not my mistake it was their employee. Was then told when it comes to ending the service they weren’t the person I needed to talk to about correcting the bill and ending the service and they would put me through to the department that would handle any corrections that needed to be made and disconnect the service. I then had to tell this to 5-6 other customer service people with each apologizing the store had not given me information about my having to call Verizon at another location to get it turned off. Each handed me off to someone else stating I had been given the wrong department. The last time I was told they would transfer me to the right department to get the services disconnected and to have the charges to be looked I was transferred to an automated system wanting payment with no one to talk to about disconnecting the service. Get another call from them at work and was put on hold for 10-15 minutes. I’m at work and have an appointment. I called Verizon 10-15 minutes before my appointment thinking I would tell them to resolve this issue and not pass me off to anyone else. I was left on hold and had to hang up to get on with my appointment at work. I get a call from them today and am now told that I owe over $300. And told this lady the same thing I had previously told 5-6 customer service reps previously. She apologized and stated she was going to put me on hold to bring up my account. I get transferred to someone else. Stated to the person over and over That I should not have to pay for someone else’s mistakes. Was told everything from that was someone else that made a mistake not me or that is in the past can we deal with this. Told them the reason why I was dealing with this was because of things that happened in the past. Was told that was not here or there and they were there to help me now. She proceeded to tell me how things were my fault, how I should have answered my phone when they called and how I should have opened my mail. Told her over and over I thought the calls were calls to get me to take their service back as where the mailing I got. Stated I didn’t answer the phone or open the mail because I thought it was flier’s or letters requesting I return to their services. I thought this because I told the customer service person back in July that I no longer wanted Verizon service, paid what I was told was everything I owed and told them to disconnect the service and was not informed I had to call somewhere else to get it disconnected. Still got told how at least half of this was my fault and I had to meet them half way. I was being asked what I to happen to make this matter better for me. I stated I did not think I was responsible for someone else’s mistake and I shouldn’t have to pay for August or September. I was told again how they were not the only ones at fault I was too. Told her multiple times and I mean multiple times how I did not feel I was responsible for their customer services not informing me of any information about disconnecting services. They took my money for the payment I was told would be an paid in full payment and was told they understood I was not satisfied with there services and that I wanted the service disconnected. Not one word about calling anyone else about it. I asked if this was all I needed to do and was told yes. Asked if this amount I just paid had really paid it off because I did not want to get a bill from them later on saying I still owed them money. (this has happened before–why I didn’t like their service). Was told no, I would not receive a bill stating I still owed them money. What a lie!! Back to the customer service rep Lori I dealt with today. She said she was talking to her supervisor about taking the amount down by $200 and would see what they said. Told her multiple times I did not think I needed to pay anything. She came back and said supervisor told her she would take off $115 dollars of the bill but I had to pay the rest. Told her again I did not think I should have to pay any. Got so frustrated with them today I started crying because I wasn’t being heard but kept being asked what I thought would be the right thing to do and that they were there to help me with this but would not accept what I told them was the right thing to do and again and again told how this was partly my fault. She said again she was going to talk to her supervisor. She came back and said I would have to pay $89. Asked if I had to pay a disconnection fee and be billed for this also and she stated there was no disconnection fee. By this time I was reading on my computer complaints about verizon’s poor customer service at stores and with customer service over the phone. Saw what people had written and realized I was not the only person that went through this being charged more and more money for things customer service did not tell them they would be billed for or giving them wrong amounts or adding things to their bill and having no explanation for the costs. On and on the complaints went and saw where they had had a lawsuit against them they lost due to stuff like this. Lori had told me that she was sorry for what the store did but said that she also had not heard of this happening before. I realized that they could say what ever they want to and they want money. I told her I was tired of dealing with Verizon and I would pay the bill that they say I owe but I was going to file a lawsuit and contact all these people that had complaints and ask them to sign a petition against Verizon for their complaints of bad service and being overcharged. Lori told me she knew I was upset but she was there to work this out and just needed me to tell her what I thought it would take to make this right. Told her again that it was to not hold me responsible for a Customer Service rep for Verizon’s not giving me information and making me feel like I had paid in full and the service would be disconnected. She said it had already been disconnected as we were talking. I saw how they really do not listen and then change things they say and how they try to make it sound like they are helping you but then placing the blame on you and still want you to pay. I had a home service with them not a cell phone. I had 2 phone that was suppose to cost me $25 a phone each month, unlimited calls and long distance. It would be only $50 plus tax for everything except the wireless piece I needed to buy from them for my house for the service. The wireless piece was not expensive got them for about 19.99 plus tax apiece. Things went well for a while and then they started saying my payments were late. I went into the store and paid. I heard her laugh at me and I asked her if she just laughed at me and she said no. I said I heard you laugh at me and she stated, I’m not your enemy, I’m trying to help you. I was afraid that Lori would not document what I was saying, so I told her I was recording her and she stated I could not do that it was against the law. Told her she called me in the state of Tennessee and in the state of Tennessee it is not against the law for me to record my own conversations without telling the other party. Told her it was against the law in Tennesssee for a third party to record two other people on the phone. Told her I could read her the law from Tennessee and that I was not doing anything illegal in this state. She then made a statement that I can’t do it because of how it could hold them liable. She then went on real fast to say something else and I said what did you just say. She stated she was trying to talk to me about resolving this issue told her she had said something else about liability. She then stated unless I stopped recording she would no longer talk with me . Told her I would not stop recording because I want to make sure I have documentation of what is being said to me. She started talking about resolving the bill again I told her that I would pay the bill because they were trying to say this was my fault and wanted to know how much the bill is because I had been given several different amounts and I wanted to make sure they could not say I still owed them money later. She asked if I was still recording and I said yes. She then said she would not talk to me anymore and would have her supervisor talk to me instead. I asked her her name and where she was calling from. she gave me her first and last name and said she was calling from Charleston SC. I was then transferred to supervisor. Here I went again explaining what happened and how I wasn’t responsible for any of these charges, it was not my fault their customer service reps did not do their job by giving me information that should have been given to me and wasn’t and how I shouldn’t pay for someone not doing their job much less having someone tell me part of it was my responsibility. She then stated A price was negotiated with me and Lori and it was $87 dollars. I said that that What Lori told me the supervisor and allowed her to tell me the payment was. Told her I didn’t negotiate anything. I said if I do pay this $87 dollars today am I going to be charged a disconnection fee and she said she wasn’t sure she would check. I asked this because when reading the complaints of others someone said they were billed $250 disconnection fee for discontinuing service they thought was awful, and was not told about a disconnection fee when they had service disconnected. Since Lori told me no there was no disconnection fee and had to hear what the supervisor said. Not what Lori said. Supervisor started talking again and did not say anything to me about my question about disconnection fee. She said I would pay $87 dollars of the bill I owed. Before I could say anything more she asked me are you still recording this and I said yes. She said this call is ended and hung up. I’m going to file suit in the city I live in, in the Civil court regarding this bill, especially when they bill me again, and probably with a higher amount. I tried to their corporate office and the line stays busy. -Thanks for listening–sorry so long but I am very frustrated and hate being told something is my fault when it isn’t, laughed at, sent from person to person, put on hold for 10-15 minutes. I appreciate this forum to say what I had to say. This is really the short version considering I was on the phone with Verizon for 84 mins and 5 seconds.

  15. I became a Verizon customer in March of this year. As part of the promotion, I was promised two (2) Samsung S2 watches with the purchase of two Samsung S7 phones. On June 7th, I received a package containing one (1) S2 watch and have been battling with the promotions people ever since. Here is one email I received:
    Samsung Support Team Jun 14 at 10:45 AM
    Message body
    –reply above this line–

    Thank you for your patience. In order for us to take action regarding your S2 watch headset, please complete the items below:
    You should of have received (2) S2 watches in the same box due to they were both shipped on Fed Ex tracking number: 940851684225543. Since you only received (1) S2 watch please follow the below steps.
    -Provide us with an affidavit or similar sworn statement in which you affirm that you did not receive the S2 watch which was sent to you for the Samsung S2 watch promotion, under penalty of perjury. This must be both signed and notarized.
    -File a police report regarding your missing S2 watch , and provide us with a copy.
    Please attach both of these items in your response to this email once completed. Your affidavit and police report will both be provided to Samsung to review. We apologize for the inconvenience which this has caused you, but please understand that we regard this as a very serious matter, and we must ensure that our procedures are followed.
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Once the package has been returned back to us, we will send out another promotional gift with the correct information for delivery.
    If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Thank You,
    PrizeLogic Support

    I have complied twice to their request about the police report and the sworn statement. I have emailed them several times and now I am receiving NO communication from them. Since the agreement was with Verizon I feel that it is time you took this matter over. thankk you.

  16. Hi my name is Najah Gilmore and i have a complaint bout the tech not showing up to my house at 4883 merion ave i ordered service for internet and phone on sunday july 31 received my equipment monday august 1 had an appt with tech wed aug 3 from 8am-5pm nobody called me or showed up called verizon corporate office talked to a guy name George he made an appt for tech to come out thursday from 12pm-4pm nobody still didnt call me or showed up can you please have someone call me from yall office asap so i can receive a tech for my internet installation @ 267-632-8994

  17. I started with Verizon Wireless, on 1/3/09, with real unlimited data. My latest contract ran out, June 2014, with no loss, of data. Verizon Wireless was offering me, all these supposed great deals, to give up, the data. The U.S. Government, started illegally garnishing, all recipients, of disability, since March 2016, by “dumping” the records indicating, we’d all received legal student loan discharges, based on us being unfortunately totally and permanently disabled. I’ve been losing $237/month. Also, despite being told it couldn’t happen
    my account was hacked into, on 4/11/16. Verizon Wireless is using the garnishment, which is making it difficult for me, to pay my bill. The representative told me, she couldn’t be happier, about me finally losing my real unlimited data, when I can’t possibly give them $754, on 11/1/16. My wife’s, and my 7+ years loyalty, to their company, means nothing. During the beginning of February 2016, my wife and I bought (2) Turbo 2 phones. Due to technical problems, we’ve both needed 2 replacement phones. They won’t replace them again, despite technical issues. They can’t wait until 11/1/16, when they permanently cancel our phones, just for the satisfaction, of finally stopping me, from having my data (which I use for GPS, to go many doctors, streaming, when I can’t sleep at night, streaming, to distract myself, from my many symptoms, streaming, while waiting to see doctors, very important streaming, during physical therapy). The suspension of my number, has stopped communication, between my doctors, and myself, has caused our families, not to know, what’s going on, with us, etc.

  18. I would like to say that some of your Verizon retailers in 3962 Blue Diamond Road in Las Vegas are very rude! (Florans and Meghan). I recently bought a replacement phone about 2hrs ago. I literally just wanted to purchase a new phone and transfer all information on the new phone. As I walked in and expressed that need. The two retailers began whispering to one another as Meghan stares at myself the customer as if she literally owned the store and was completely above everyone. Then after staring rudely for about 1min she looks down at her phone and yells loudly in the store ” He comes in here mad like that all the time.” Verizon is not the only phone service in town, and there are plenty other places with more respectable staffing. I used to come in and try to pay my mothers phone bill as they always gave me a hard time because I didn’t have my mothers information on her account. My mother had dementia and was confused so I used to just try to help pay her bills. Somehow they also didn’t get that I don’t live with my mother and was just taking her there as a transporter so she can pay her bills. Since then my mother passed. Today I just wanted a new phone and right of the bat that staff was very condescending. I wonder if anyone else has been treated like your account is insignificant. If that’s the way you are going to treat your customers I will find a new phone service when my contract expires and I will definitely let all my friends and co workers know about how bad you treat customers!!!

  19. My name is amanda Jordan I am very sorry for calling Verizon over 900 times to check something on my prepaid account and trying to chage my phone nummber please for give and please do not checle my prepaid account for good ok please call me on my phone nummber 603_552_7533 thank you gain Amanda Jordan

  20. Verizon you suck!!!! You lie , I’m going back to straight talk. Never had problems until we switch to Verizon. I know a lawyer that would take my case. I think I will give her a call..
    Verizon is a piecee of ?.

  21. I was a USWest customer then verzion purchase US west it was good they cared for there customers they came up with nice perks . Liked verzion Platinum member could up grade every year free phone numbers up loaded to phone.
    So a customer sence they took over in 1996 but lately they are too big and greedy.
    Then they came out with smart phones so of course I got unlimited plan .
    Well things were ok untill they felt they could make more money limiting data.
    So there gose my platinum member first then they told me I could not up grade my phone or loose my unlimited data plan . Now I’m not a heavy user so payed cash for my phones to keep my plan . Well then they forced me off my plan now .
    Now my service is not great here. So they got rid of two year pricing sence I lost my plan thought I would up grade well they now charge you buy the mounth for the phone well if you add that up you pay more for the phone then if you got it out right.
    Plus the price you got for two year is gone so paying full price for the phone +.
    Every change they do I feel there hand In my back pocket .
    A lot of my friend’s are switching away from them you use your phone any you can blow through you limeted data 10 dollar’s a gig when every thing you do in apps use data even looking up address phone numbers which saves them having 411 connect no staff to look it up.
    How much profit is enough.
    Got a phone to try out other carriers off their Network. I get so much better service .
    Cheaper too . I may loose a few calls traveling but you know what I have not yet.
    Wonder how ritch they will get when we leave there services.
    Oh by the way I see adds to come back we will give you money to come back a few hundred dollars. Hey just be like the way you were before you got big and we would have stayed . This Friday I’m gone tired of being robbed blind .

  22. Would like someone from corporate to call me you have a store in Mair Loma California that has been messing up with my brother account for the past 3 weeks would like to know what can be done about it

  23. My name is Jacqueline Owens I need someone to contact me. I have been calling about this I-phone 7 now for more than a month. I wanted this device added to my bill as I have been able to do before. Then to find that this is not able to be done, so a supervisor told me to pay the taxes which is 69.00 and they would ship me the phone to call on 10-01-2016 to have a rep tell me that my credit was good enought to get the phone I have to pay 150.00 in speaking to a supervisor who I felt was a nearby employee didn’t make this matter any better. I am tired and want to switch I have gone through a lot with this company charging me for item and not making me aware of them. And also charging me $20.00 dollars per line because they are not posting money to my account as they should. I will go public with this matter soon with the Channel 7 I team to get this matter taken care of.

  24. I was discriminated against by Verizon Costumer Care persons on October 17,2016.

    I would like to talk to someone about this matter, for I was even discriminated against because I am a Veteran too.

    (920) 650-3088

  25. Needing to speak with someone from corporate. Having a problem trying to replace my Samsung Note 7. I should not have to pay out-of-pocket to get my phone replaced and then later be credited my money back.

  26. I’ve been in contact with Verizon 10 times since July 17th trying to correct a refund that supposedly went into my account. Customer service was a joke saying they could do nothing to help me. I know they can do much more to fix the situation. I’ve spent 4 years with Verizon and don’t wish to change service but I feel I’m being pushed that way. Someone needs to contact me and help make things right. The mistake is on Verizon’s end of business. I surely hope I get a phone call soon. I’m really doubting Verizon’s ability with customer service and satisfaction. Right now you get a 1 out of 10.

  27. I need someone to Contact me because I received a call from collection to day tell me I owe $ 885.37 and I don’t understand why when I paid my phone in full plus I been with out Verizon for 3 months now and I never received a call or a bill in my mail with any detail of this bill….I would like to know how can someone send a bill to collection with out any informing the customer. I been calling Verizon for the pass 4 hours and no one wants to give me answers about this bill. They just ask me to paid….How can I paid and bill if I don’t have any detail and how come I owe this Money..
    I am going for a home on Monday and this company send me to collections.
    I don’t know why do I owe this bill.
    I called 1-866-266-1445 they said that they can’t give me information but I have to paid this at once… I need a phone call or I will take this to court with no doubt.
    What your company is doing for people is lying and just want money with no bill with details…. now a woman who never been in collections…now your company place me to collections… here is my number and I want a phone call. 716-424-6872

  28. I find these comments extremely funny. Why are you people writing these complaints on a website which has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Verizon except provide contact information?? Every single person airing a grievance on here has completely wasted your time which could have been used to write to the appropriate authorities.


  29. Dear Verizon,

    My name is Cesar Lopez, I am a veteran two tours, an American with Disabilities (not service related) and a World Trade Center Survivor/Responder. I am currently out on medical leave due to WTC related illnesses. My wife and I have spoken to Financial Services Dept who have understanding to a degree. I have been having a tough time keeping up with all my bills including my Verizon bill, which includes family cell phones and home service combined. Over the last several months Verizon has turned off my service understanding and noted that customer service staff can not make arrangements with us once it is in their dept. Unfortunately we have been in the middle, customer service says one thing and financial services says something else. Neither of them speak with each other and claim they can not see each others screens, and the situation has gotten to the point that even right after I make a payment a week later my service is turned off and the circle starts all over again. I am at the point where I am thinking of contacting eyewitness news or 7 on your side for help. The situation is adding to my WTC related illnesses and I really don’t know what to do. If Verizon can’t work with us then please stop the harassment of excepting our payment and then shutting off the service anyway just to charge us more money to reactivate service. Please can someone in corporate look into this matter and help us with a payment plan to catch up anything but this ridiculous situation that keeps going back and forth.

  30. I have been a long time customer of Verizon, as of 11/25/2016 i am ashamed to say that I am a customer of Verizon. Did the Black Friday iphone 7 upgrade and at a corporate store in 8306 north oxford street kansas city Missouri. I have had nothing but problems. 1st the associate that was to help us bypassed and went to someone else. 2nd he got the wrong iphone 7 had to start all over. 3. talked us into a ipad mini promotion and got the wrong one. 4. took our iphone 5 for trade in on the line and was told it would take 2 billing cycles to see the credits. Guess what, he failed to put the iphone 5 upgrade in the system and now i have to wait another 3 months but the manager tonight says, stephanie, ” you will get a credit back to your account once the proper paperwork goes through” i call Bullshit….you should not be having this problem at all. she refused to give me corporate number only that i have a correspondent address. No lady I want someone that is sitting in that nice comfortable chair to pick up a phone and call. They cant be that damn busy to assist their customers that they raping with these mistakes. I started my call at 618pm on 1/9/2017 and at 726pm i was so damn frustrated I ended the call.
    then the guy at the corporate office takes away the promotion that i had and i had to call and fight for that to be put back on their, that was not easy. The lady on the other end says well that promotion is no longer available, well i guess i will take my business elsewhere and guess what that promotion just magically appeared. Come on Verizon get your shit together and make it right. we should not have to call in every single month to get something fixed.
    the phone is worth X amount of dollars – the trade in of X amount of dollars, show the base price of the phone – the X amount of dollars for trade in = balance of phone. then so much till the end of the damn contract you put us in. We should not have to wait 3 months for it show up and it doesnt and we have to fight for it. then wait again. who suffers your customers. Make it right……Giver your managers a little more pull to make it right because even some of them know that you are raping your customers. I dont want an email, i dont want a letter, i want some from Corporate Office to call, that means wake your pencil pushing ass up and pick up the phone and be considerate and understanding of the mistakes that are being made and that the fact of the matter you are losing people that have been loyal to your service that are now leaving due to the fact that your employees are messing up and we are paying for it…
    here is my phone number which will do no good at all but it is worth a shot..

    1. I am not going to go into all the problems I have been having with Verizon after reading the reviews. I have been with you for 30 plus years I have recommend Verizon to plenty of friends and family. When I started with you customer service could not be beat they went above and beyond to fix the problem. Now after all of the horrible service I have had in this last year and after reading the reviews I realized that Verizon has gotten so big that you don’t really care about your customers all thats important is how much money you are making but you are forgetting how you made it!!¡!!!!!!!! I have 5 months Left on my contract and will be leaving Verizon I have been scammed by the store associates this last upgrade unbelievably and it has continued this whole year and it doesn’t matter even if you get to talk to corporate nobody cares if you loose a few customers but eventually you will no longer be number 1. Maybe you should start looking at the reviews. I would like to think that I will be contacted by anyone with some authority. Thank you Sandra Lewis

  31. VERIZON DEFRAUDS!! Been with them 2 months, HIGH SPEED DATA usage only last 1 week, I shut off data after being on FB , I am in process of complaint to Fed.Trade Com. and Fed.Communications Com. Does no good to complain to verizon corp. office as they transfer your call to customer service in North Korea to kim un koon who then transfer to Iran . You catch my drift, This is my service being a new customer of 2 months . ANYONE WHO SWITCHES TO FRAUDIZON BETTER THINK TWICE,, I probably am not the only one . I spread my cheeks they screw , I dont even get a kiss !

  32. I need to speak with someone about a sells person that lied n con us n when we went back she wasn’t want nice and act like it was are fault and not hers and we still didn’t get everything settled I would like to talk to someone so I am can I get this. Matter settled r I will go with another company r just call check 2 news cuz with all the complaints i just read its unreal and the high money I pay with Verizon I will not take this situation lying down someone better fix my problem

  33. I need someone from corp office to contact me as I got service on June 2 2017. Ya’ll are crooks and trying to still money and my cell phone. the cell number is (252)412-8136 or 252 364-8450. I will not be a victom i will see justice one way or another.

  34. My issue is Verizon corpirate vs Authorized retail store. The authorized retail store and call center is not disclosed and mislead. No receipt was sent for my iPhone and I cannot get apple to help me without it.. the low level reps Lie and refused to transfer to a supervisor. Beware of this switch and bait.

  35. We have been a customer since 2009 and your service has gone down. I don’t get service at my house like I used to I have miss calls drop calls.and the bill is crazy i pay over 200 a month for unlimited and one month it was over 300. I can go to straight talk for 45.00 a month for unlimited and it picks up at my house I was to that you all would check in on the towers and get back with me that was months a go and I had to set up a payment plan because I could not call because of the service I used my laptop to do a live chat and set it up and after I made a payment you all turn off our phone. I have had it with your service. You all need to remember that the customer is the one that pays your checks.

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