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How to contact Progressive Corporate Customer Support Team

The customer support team is available to help you all time, you can get customer support through several ways including email, phone number, as well as FAQ section. You can use any one option for your any type of query, complaint and feedback.

Contact Progressive Corporate Head Office by Phone and Email:

Progressive Head Office Address:

The Progressive Corporation,

6300 Wilson Mills Road,

Mayfield Village, Ohio 44143, United States

Progressive Head Office Phone Number: 440-461-5000

Progressive Head Office Fax Number: 440-446-7436

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Progressive Insurance or Progressive Casualty Insurance Company is an America based one of the top rated insurance service provider companies. It mainly belongs to the vehicle insurance industry, but beside this Progressive Insurance Company also provides several other types of insurance products like Auto, Homeowners, Renters, Motorcycle, Boat, Classic Car, Commercial Auto, Business, Life, Local Car, etc. For more details about Progressive Insurance and its products and services, you check below mention links and official website.

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  1. Recently I was involved in an accident with one of your clients, rose Sharber of Mortons Gap This was on December 16, 2015. My car is still sitting in garage and nothing has been done. I’ve called my adjuster and sent emails for 2 weeks with no replays. I was told to call his supervisor which I did, she didn’t answer either. All the adjuster has done is take my statement, at that time I gave him a number of a witness that saw your client hit me, I had four other witnesses that saw I was still in my lane by stop sign, he didn’t even take their numbers, I sent pics of damage , a estimate for damages of 6100.00 with Hawkins auto body and paint, they said he should call them because they felt more damage would be found when they actually got into engine area.. I bought this car in April to drive so that I wouldn’t put so many miles on my leased vehicle, now I am being forced to drive it back and forth to Evansville from Kentucky and adding miles that I will pay for dearly at end of lease. I was never offered a rental. My insurance, farm Bureau says they can’t get involved unless I want them to over damages and sue you for damages . This car was mint condition and I had only put 2000 miles on. I’m sick about it, but worse is not getting any service from your company. rest assured if I don’t I’ll be glad to share with everyone I know . I have never waited this long for a claim to be settled whether it was my fault or someone else and I’ve been driving for 47 years! The claim number is 155161715, my name is Vivian Buchanan 1694 N County Rd 284 W, Rockport In.. Hopkins county Sheriff handled accident and did the report. If there is anything you can do to help me, please do….thank you , Vivian Buchansn

  2. Dear sir/ma’am
    I wanted to inquire about a potential partnership with Progressive and Sayin It Plain Media & Entertainment. SIP Media is parent company that represents the Sayin it Plain Radio Show. Sayin it Plain is a top ranked Radio Show and Podcast and generates over 140,000 listens every week online via live listens or downloads. We also have a potential reach of up to 2 million Listeners per episode coast to coast via terrestrial radio. We have a very mixed audience which includes male and female listeners 18-65, primarily African American, Caucasian and Latino. I believe this would be a Target audience you would be interested in reaching. I see a great opportunity for you to be a Sayin it Plain sponsor or for us to work out an advertising package that will fit your advertising budget, while maximizing your advertising needs. I would love to set up a time for a quick chat or if you prefer I can email you more details on our advertising packages!
    SIP team

  3. I was involved in a car accident on March 8th 2016 where a car hit me and ran. They were insured by Progressive and nothing has been done yet! Shayla Evans is handling the case and doing a very poor job! She never answers phone calls or answers emails! Progressive has gone down in service they are a rip off and I am glad they are not my insurance co. I am reporting this to the Attorney General’s office.

  4. ive had my insuance company all my life , my son has driven 27 yrs no ticket ,accident,but someone pulled out in front of him ( other guys fault) my ins. company never contacted us after the accident & we called 800 # . they have delayed us on everything so we will have to pay on rental.we were lied to ( girl in office said our agent was NO LONGER THERE ,that she ws our agent . we got lie after lie .when we tried to trf to another agent, our office didnt do it & called & bedgered me , then called the new agent accusing him of stealing us & insisted we call him before he did the transfer. i told him the new guy had nothing to do with it that his office said he was no longer there HIS employee. is there anything i can do? i need a new company. thank you for your time, have a good day & take care.

  5. Subject:­ Progressive Claims Service­
    Message:­ I’m having a nightmare dealing with Anaya­ and Britney claim specialists. Anaya pro­mised me that since it wasn’t my fault in­ car accident I would receive a refund fo­r a deductable within 6 months. It’s been­ more than 6 months and when I called her­ she and Britney stated that other driver­’s insurance State farm accepted only 20%­ liability and they cannot refund my dedu­ctible. Although they were supposed to ta­ke State Farm to intercompany Arbitration­ they never did. They just accepted what ­state Farm decided. Now I spent 800$ to f­ix my car even though it wasn’t my fault ­in car accident and Anaya and Britney are­ not following the procedures and not wil­ling to even work on my refund. It’s beco­ming a big legal issue now. And as your c­ustomer I’m extremely dissatisfied. I sho­uld not be dealing with all this stressfu­l nightmare if it was other driver’s faul­t and as my insurer you don’t do anything­ to help. My claim # 16590500

    1. I had the exact same problem with an accident in Gaithersburg, MD. A JB Hunt truck moved to the right into my left front wheel well making a left turn and tore up my left front quarterpanel and driver’s door among other things. I paid my deductible to move forward and was told that I would get it back as soon as JB Hunt paid. According to my representative here in Louisiana the JB Hunt people claimed that the accident was partially my fault for even being on the street that day so I did not get it back. I firmly believe that JB Hunt did pay everything and Progressive took it all — or Progressive does not have customer loyalty, ethic or integrity and did not support me at all. Worse than that, Flo can talk all day long about issues arising from accidents that were not initially addressed being taken care of, and she would be epically misleading.

  6. I recently had a very dangerous situation where my vehicle cut off unexpectedly on my way out of the park and wouldn’t restart. Living in Ashland Ohio, I happened to be up at Lake Erie. I was already having a very hard time and having very limited money when progressive dropped the bomb that they were not willing to help with towing beyond 15 miles from where I was. I never before had this particular kind of problem and never before had any other problems with towing. It wasn’t until this particular time that I had this particular problem that only made matters worse. I was trying to get home before late night and the sun was starting to go down as people were starting to exit the water for the night. The lifeguards had already gone home and I was also headed home. I was very upset and even scared because I had no money to feed myself or to pay for lodging until the first of the month. I would’ve had about a week and a half to two weeks out there away from home had progressive not been pressured by others on my behalf. I only had a jug full of ice water. I happened to be a single woman with disabilities and I had no medicine with me. I only take my meds early in the morning and then again at bedtime. I hadn’t yet had dinner and I was headed home for dinner when this whole incident started. Try being scared, hungry, tired, and stranded, and yes, having no one to help and having no money at a time when you least expect an emergency. I’ve been going through medical treatment lately, and to make matters worse, I was being Jack for $300 I didn’t have nor would I be able to cough up all at once on the first of the month, I’m on SSI and that’s all I have. I must live on that tiny check all month and I shouldn’t have to be a prisoner just because of unwilling selfish companies out there who won’t to help in the time of need. So far I haven’t found any other Insurance who will help should a similar incident arise. The only other package progressive offers is with the extended towing where you have to be over 100 miles away from home. I didn’t know they made changes to their towing mileage until I ran into a serious life-threatening problem and with the heat advisories we had at that time, I was in an extra dangerous situation and I could’ve been left for dead. Even if my vehicle would’ve been dropped off at a shop to be fixed, there is no possible way I would’ve had any money until the first and I had no way home. Yes, this is definitely a very serious problem that could’ve landed me dead. I would’ve been dropped off about 15 miles away and left in what would’ve turned out to be a dark McDonald’s parking lot because they eventually close at a certain time from what I was told. Exceptions should be made and not leave people in dire crisis in the balance, their lives depend on it. Needless to say, I was in this jam all the way up to well after midnight, and I didn’t get home until well after 2 AM. Something needs to be done because there are some situations where people’s lives are at stake when they have no help and very limited money and resources when their vehicle unexpectedly breaks down and something like this happens with the insurance roadside assistance. I’m looking into AAA and as soon as I find another insurance company who treats this type of crisis much better, I’m leaving progressive for that particular company. This could happen to any other single lady or any other single person for that matter. Your lives are at stake if you happen to ever find yourself in my particular situation

  7. I just heard your ad on the radio with your spokesperson talking in a fake southern accent and making bigoted comments that suggest that folks from the southern parts of our country are stupid. I would expect a large corporation like yours to act a bit more mature and stop putting down southern people.
    How long would an advertisement campaign last if “Flo” were to use a fake ebonics laden accent?
    Racism goes BOTH WAYS.

  8. progressive insurance is the worst insurance company that I have ever dealt with. I was going to purchase vehicle they screwed up rev firm so many times the dealer was so frustrated never mind myself. well never got vehicle but they stoke my money for both vehicles have never returned and give me the run around this is the worst left me with no food for month or medicines call supervisors and corporate and they keep you on hold for almost two hours. wrote emailed called and no response contacted lawyer and insurance commissioner for the state if mass. apparently the CEO enjoys putting people threw this ordeal leave them paying for insurance on a vehicle they never got. I hope someday you suffer the way I have ended up in hospital do to the fact that I could not get my meds. no food no gas no meds. progressive steals from disability people and the CEO and this Patricia is a crook . I hope you suffer the way I have. this company is no good and advised all friends family and social media nor to trust them been three week’s and still no money ………… should be ashamed of yourself treating people like this…… ….

  9. Adjuster Courtney Reid and her boss Drew is two of the lowest of the low .Progressive needs to screen all of their employees ,I have been with this company for many years but when it’s time to renew I’m going to Geico.

  10. If you are hit by progressive customer, be ready to argue with progressive. I feel that they just took my vehicle. They think you should be happy to get what they say they will pay for your vehicle. Not happy at all. Progressive or someone will make more money off my vehicle. Do not have progressive insurance.

  11. I recently had an issue with not receiving my mail on time ,causing an increase in coverage ,I spoke to a representative for 2 days ..(the same rep unusual) who had the most patience ,polite and very understanding, I hope his holiday is gifted with lots and love and many blessing (James Bredner)

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