Facebook Customer Care Service Number, Corporate Headquarters Office Address, Toll Free Helpline Number

Facebook Customer Care Service Number, Corporate Headquarters Office Address, Toll Free Helpline Number – are you looking for (Facebook.com) Facebook customer care service office address, contact number, customer care service phone number or Facebook toll free helpline number to contact the customer service department of Facebook. Then, here we are providing all useful and contact information including Facebook corporate headquarters office address, telephone number, fax number, email id with contact details of Facebook mailing / postal office address, customer support number, etc.

Facebook, Inc. corporate headquarter is located in Menlo Park, California, United States, Facebook also serves in across the word including India, United Kingdom (UK) Canada, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Bangladesh and many more.

Facebook has a large social website of subscribers throughout the globe. So many people are trying to get proper help and support by connecting with the customer care service representatives. We are sharing the support contact details of Facebook through which you can share your problems, complaints, suggestions, feedback, reviews, payments etc. related inquiries.

Facebook Customer Care Service Number – Office Contact Details

As no specific customer care service number or toll free helpline number is available on the official website of Facebook. We suggest you to use the customer care service email ID, FAQS and online help and support of Facebook to convey your queries directly to the company.

Facebook Customer Care Service Support Online:

  • How to use Facebook – click here
  • Manage your Facebook Account, Profile and Settings – click here
  • How to fix a Problem with Facebook – click here
  • To File A Ticket with Facebook – click here
  • For more information, help and support – click here

Facebook Customer Care Service, Head Office Address:

Facebook, Inc., 1 Hacker Way Menlo Park,

CA 94025, United States

Facebook Corporate Headquarters Office Phone Number: +1-650-308-7300

If you are unable to connect with the Facebook customer care representatives, kindly you can contact to the your local customer care support by following the above mentioned Facebook customer care, registered and head office address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email ids and more. You can also contact to the offices located in your region or can visit the customer service office directly, send an email, and write a letter. For further details we recommend you to visit the official website of Facebook.

Facebook Official Website: www.facebook.com

Facebook Customer Care Service Number

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  1. I want to stop my previous fb account which one is still wrkng n i can see it clearly from my new account but the main prblm is i frgt d email address n passwrd of my previous fb account.

    Nc to hear frm you.

  2. Hi sir. I am AMAN ULLAH MALIK from uae with you at 8 of this month someone hack my Facebook account and talking with my family by using my account he use very lose talking and bad word while talking with my family. My face book account was amanullah.saifullah@facebook.com and I was use my professional email address to recover amanullah.eng@gmail.com. no hacker change all the privacy settings and I can’t access my account so kindly please help me to recover my Facebook account hacked. Thanks Regards AMAN ULLAH MALIK from

    • আমার ফেসবুক আইডি আজ ২দিন লগইন হচ্চেনা
      ছার আইডিটা খুলে দিলে খুব উপকৃত হতাম
      ছার please help me আমার ফেসবুকের gmail=20habibullah20@gmail.com
      passward 01937198623
      name. Habib ullah

  3. someone my fb ID haked with in 3 days.He changed my ID and password. He wants money from my friends by using my Id by chating.How way I will back my Id.plz help me.

  4. I have been trying to contact the facebook help center since June about security issues involving my personal privacy rights and personal information about my accounts being accessed and hacked by multiple people who are completely violated my personal privacy and I have been able to verify that information h been recorded by the hacking and used and uploaded to my accounts and other websites as well that involves very personal information and personal privacy rights about my life but I have also expressed my concerns several times so many that I have lost count and I have absolutely received no response from anyone regarding the issues at hand. I have also been able to verify that accounts are opened under my name and requested my friends and family members to be friends and I’m afraid they could be at risk as well with what I am going through now. I have been trying to inform Fb about the things that are happening with the hacking issue and though the help center site and when I try to access the accounts though the recovery process it tells me that my identity is not verified and I have even sent my state id voter registration card info and mail showing address and other info with my name on it and still received the same response. I need some serious assistance with my accounts and the security issues that are happening with my personal privacy rights and the hacking issues involving my accounts to be resolved and soon bc I’m at my limit and I’m trying to be completely cool with everything but I’m asking you for immediate assistance with the issues at hand. There are even post about me saying that I’m named as null on my accounts I have no clue why but I think that it is so that I can’t find any information on what they are doing with my account and information being accessed. My per information has been accessed within all. My devices I’ve had since the hacking started and I’ve bought 8 or more plus the cost of the service and activation fee of contracts and not even to mention the $6000 that they have accessed from my bank accounts by recording my devices key strokes through an app that google provides that they absolutely will not claim to have in their App Store witch is verified by multiple law enforcement agencies that have been in contact with me regarding the issues and information that I report almost every day bc I’m constantly finding new things that are happening with my personal information and security’s constantly by researching the web and other info that I’m able to access and come across. And Since June I have also actually been able to learn how to read Code and programming and I’m finding out information that way in my diagnostic and usage dogs in my device And I’m even receiving emails text from the hackers The A requesting Chad’s on Marco polo and claiming to be friends and family members but I don’t respond until I verify to telephone calls that it’s actually friends and family and they say it’s not there Merrill That are sending out the messages and I have also received messenger request asking for money saying that it is my son requesting the money in Wisconsin. So as you can obviously tell multiple multiple serious things are going on and I need some serious help please contact me My email address is m2dpess5xa7@icloud.com or even do me one even better than that contact me by phone and show that you do actually care for your security of you clients privacy rights and personal information. If you have to email me and then If I can verify that it is not a hacking issue that is happening to me I’ll give you personal information that provides a personal identity to my accounts and personal info if not completely changed by the hacking by as far as it stands now I’m locked out of my accounts and can’t access the information from the backup security features because I no longer have accesse to them nor do I want to try and access them bc they have been hacked as well and I have completely changed my number so that the numbers associated with the account aren’t even updated and I can’t even access and change the info on the computer either I’ve tried to. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS MAJOR SECURITY ISSUES IM HAVING AND IVE TRIED THE SERVICES THAT THEY OFFERED ONLINE FOR FB AND THEY TRIED TO CHARGE ME $60 FOR HELP I SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED MONTHS AGO BY REQUESTED ON THE HELP PAGE FOR FB.

  5. I have a problem with Facebook fake account since 5months someone using my name and my photo profile and using lot of bad words and nonsense picture that was very harmful in my life my work so how can I find that person and how I can throw that Facebook account but since long time I was not using Facebook because of that take account please help me and give me a feedback

  6. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access your account while we’re reviewing these additional documents. We appreciate your patience, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    • Sir my fb account I have page some YouTube videos I uploaded then third party my Facebook account disabled him please I want my Facebook account next time I can’t doing please give a chance then recovery my Facebook account I have personally potos have please sir …..

  7. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access your account while we’re reviewing these additional documents. We appreciate your patience, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
    I had been stolen my phone and then i stolen my gmail id too, i forget the password and the number was not remember to me. what can i do now.plz tell me as soon as possible.

  8. sir gdevng Facebook employed all… my problem I put facebook contact number is expire after not working Facebook always asking conform code ur sending that no… how to put new no. plz kindly request. I am waiting 4 reply. all Facebook staff.

  9. dear sir,
    take my salam. sir some one open a Facebook account to my personal mobile number. if any occur any problem i face this problem. pls. help me what can i do? pls…….
    my mobile number is 01818637837.

  10. sir, kishore from Bangladesh. I direly need to use fb boost post but problem is payment method.please make a way so we can use this great service paying in our own currency Taka, not in dollars or others.I know that thousands of people cant use boost post for rigid pay- method.
    please help
    thanks in advance

  11. I have found that message. Now wwhat should I ddo?Thanks for sending your photo. We’ll email you within 72 hours if it meets our requirements.
    At the moment, your account has been disabled as a security precaution.

  12. Morning FB team I need help because use my family member profile picture I want contact number Facebook really I need

  13. I have been using Facebook since 2010 and I have no other account…
    Right now I can’t log in and it showing my account has been disabled temporarily…
    What should I do?

  14. Good evening respected Facebook management. May I request please. Respected sir/ madam, I can’t log in my Facebook account. Would you kind to contact me please, 00971557785006 I would be very thankful to you

  15. Hi
    Please help me.
    I can’t login my facebook acct/Page as it was saying that my profile identity need to be ‘real’ and match the document submitted.

    The problem is that my business page is linked to that personal acct and I can’t deactivate that specific personal acct ever since I have converted to the Page account. The issue here is, I have run/paid for sponsored ads and currently on going. I think its not fair to me, since there isn’t any reminder for me to change the profile name before its being deactivated.And how could I answer the queries from my customers?
    Please help and I really need this to be done asap. I am very stressful and disappointed to this kind of incident. I hope FB will look into this matter quickly. Thank you.

  16. plese help me. how identified the person who post the bad picture of me in Facebook. plese say the system and how identified the person

  17. Hello sir I’m Tareq Sharif from Bangladesh. I can’t login my account since 12may,facebook disable my account temporary, but in one month they didn’t back my account, i email them with my National ID card but they didn’t back my account at now
    User name :Tareq Sharif
    Email address :Tareq.sharif@yahoo.com
    Contact number :+8801676288436

  18. Hello sir I’m Al Marjan from Bangladesh. I can’t login my account ,facebook disable my account.

    User name :Al Marjan
    Email address :marjanraj@gmail.com
    Contact number :+8801632523534

  19. Hello, vi আমার FB টা কোন কাজ করতেছেনা রিমোভ চাইছিল, রিমোভ দেয়াতে। আরেকটা FB iD চালু হয়ে গেছে কিনতু আমি আমার পুরা তন টাই চালাতে চাই মোবাইল 01835610527
    আপনাদের অফিস যদি থাকে তাহলে আমাকে বলেন আমি আসব। অনুরুধ রইল।
    ইমেইল ভুলে গেছি

  20. Hi i am istehad from Bangladesh. I have been using fb since 2006.i haven’t face any problem. But now I am having a big problem. Looking for solution. One of the fake fb user using my wife’s pictures in his / her profile. But he/ she is unknown to me even to my wife as well. I wanna know details about the user. Kindly help me. Thanks. This is my email Ijtehadislam@yahoo.com

  21. hi sir i am Farabi from bangladesh my id temporary blocked problem right i need to solution this problem please.

  22. আমার ফেসবুক আই ডি হ্যাক করেছে। তাই আমার zanahbi roy (01727317335)নামের আইডি টা বন্ধ করার জন্য অনুরোধ করছি।

  23. somebody hack my Id. please give me a solution. my contact no.01727317335.Id zanahbi roy passward zroy01727317335.

  24. স্যার অামার অাইডি টা হ্যাক হয়েছে নাম Syed ehsanul iqbal অাপন কি করব দয়া করে সাহায্য করন

  25. Hi sir good morning .Sir someone blakmale Facebook my name and my picture with fake id .Please I need your help immediately
    My contact no +971558031170
    This is my id (Dilwer1989@yahoo.com )

  26. স্যার আমার ম্যাসেঞ্জার থেকে একজনকে ‘ইগনোর ম্যাসেজ’ করেছি আমি তাকে ফিরে পাবো কি করে

  27. Hi my facebook account is hacked and now i cant log in because my registered mobile number with facebook is already disconnected and i am getting my genrate code on that number so please help me in to log in my account or send me the code in my registered facebook email id. you can call me anytime 056-4046050.

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