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  1. Good Morning,
    I wish to escalate a complaint I have lodged with DHL China, first because I have very dissatisfied with the level of service and information provided. Secondly the length of time it has taken to resolve. (which it still isn’t) Thirdly I requested the Senior management contact details for China and these have been gate-kept from me
    China Tracking number 6229204111. I arranged for a small packet of samples to be sent to a friend of mine in Hongzhou, China. The goods purchased cost around $NZD200 and are miscellaneous items of no resale value. Previous I have used EMS, However I decided to try DHL. The Item arrived in Hongzhou 30th September. Since this time DHL staff hve told me I must pay CNY$500 for Duty. Sending via EMS, I have never paid Duty. The DHL staff could not tell me why. The have continued to demand payment. I have agreed to pay providing they can give me a Customs invoice. this has been declined, DHL said they would provide their own invoice. So in short for sample goods valued at $200nz I am asked to pay $100 nz ?? Secondly I get no evidence that China customs are in fact requesting this AS dhl refuse to give me their invoice?? In fact it sounds like DHL are simply trying to make money behind the China Customs face.

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