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  • Divyanshu says:

    It is one month now i have emailed to the provided customer care mail. Still, I have not received the service reply. In email i have described all the details of my problem i faced withing last month electricity payment. In which , Dedicated amount was deducted from my account while paying online and it also provided me a success notification with the given Transaction ID but BEDCPL says they did not received the payment and have provided me with a bill with fine of late dues and removed all bonuses arrears ! I have provided all the screenshot of Bank Passbook with the Transaction ID ! I request you to kindly go through my sent mail once as soon as possible ! And please try to provide a nice service !

  • Krishna kumar says:

    I krishnakumar from Kahalgaon & I have pay to bedcpl Rs 79/on 29th April 2017 by Jio money wallet. Which is successfully paid by transaction reference no.JIO7119072349582122
    But this payment had not been paid to my account 105000006055 My due date was 5-05- 2017.And rebate will charge in my account please correct it.

    Another transaction will create on 30th April 2017 by Jio wallet Rs 180/Transaction id
    JIO 7120075636172122 DT. 30th April 2017 on the account of Dipankar kumar 105000006107 but this transaction will not paid on today
    Please correct & pay in account

  • abha singh ,Kamalnagar Colony , Mirjanhat , Bhagalpur-812005 .I D:101000014668. DS II Three phase , LOad 6 K W . says:

    The Technical Head / Commercial Officer,
    B E D C P L , Muzahidpur , Bhagalpur .
    Sub:- Replacement of disordered Single Phase meter by Three Phase meter
    with Three Phase Connection .
    Sir ,
    With reference to my previous letter dated 24-07-2012 related with replacement of disordered meter from 1KW to 6KW and letter dated 03-05-2014 related with replacement of single phase meter by three phase meter by giving three phase connection to my house , I beg to bring to your kind notice the fact that
    1. I had applied for three phase connection in my house by increasing 3 K W to 6 K W load in September 2011 and deposited the estimated cost . Since then I am paying the electricity bill for three phase connection & 6 K W load
    2. The single phase meter is not functioning properly since 20th july 2012 and since then I am facing a lot of problem , because the neutral of the meter does not functioning properly, for which I had complained on 24th July 2012,
    3. Several times J.Es of the department visited my house but they did nothing except some assurance .
    In the light of the above facts, again I would like to request the authority concerned to look in to the matter seriously and replace the disored single phase meter by three phase meter with three phase connection within a month and oblige.
    Thanking you, enclosures :
    Sincerely Yours, 1. Photocopy of current bill.
    Abha Singh, 2. 5 pages of photocopy of
    Kamal Nagar Colony,Mirjanhat.Bhagalpur original estimates.
    I D : 101000014668 .D S II Three Phase , Load 6 K W .

  • are sir mofassil walo ki etne kharab light kue dete ho kya tumhe bijli ka bill nahin milta hai ya aaese hi paise jithne ki aadat se ho gaye hai are ab bill nahin chahiye kya use me ho jaye ga kya shame on you an b to sudhor jao

    • S C Das, Civil Engineer says:

      It also experienced in field that fake groups or persons having no valid I Card are working in the locality,they are in practice of black mailing the consumers or assured to solve through office as they stated, in this way they are collecting huge amount from the consumers, are you able to bann these practices, initially so called linemen starts the game in the name of company then fake inspectors, & vigilance come into existence, it can be said a parallel company is running at Bhagalpur, I know you won’t believe the reality but it is the truth. You are advised to pl try to solve in the intrest of company &consumers too. Your company is running just like,or worst as BSEB named as earlier, pl execute a drive to resolve, having with genuine and honest team right from office to field at least for 1 or 2 yrs without disturbing any consumers, first of all clean the office strictly, hear the complaints of the consumer, enquiries may be made, then conclude and resolve within the stipulated time.
      Thank you


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